Independent living options. Serviced apartments. Respite care.


  • 10 one-bedroom units
  • 79 two-bedroom units

All units are constructed using double brick and boast three distinct design options. They are arranged in clusters within the beautifully maintained village grounds. Two-bedroom units have a separate dining room and ensuite, and each unit has an individual front entrance. Most have garages. Privacy, convenience, space and comfort are at the heart of our designs.

Serviced Apartments:

  • 23 studio apartments.
  • 14 one-bedroom apartments

Maintain your independence and dignity with a little help from our staff. Our serviced apartment living affords you more free time and freedom by taking the following tasks off your hands:

  • Meals
  • Cleaning
  • Personal care
  • Nursing assistance

Serviced apartment owners relish the opportunity to live each day to the full without cumbersome chores or anxiety.

Respite Care:

Short-term low-level care in a comfortable and caring environment. Respite care is often used to give people who are considering making The Cotswolds Village home a chance ‘test the waters’. It gives potential residents an opportunity to engage with our community and experience the unparalleled lifestyle firsthand. This temporary care option is also used by those in need of short-term accommodation while they convalesce.